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Inventor of the skin drug Ja'far Hasibuan will cooperate with China

Inventor of the skin drug Ja'far Hasibuan will cooperate with China

MEDAN - Scientist and inventor of skin medicine Muhammad Ja'far Hasibuan succeeded in bringing home the gold medal from the World Invention Intellectual Property Association (WIIPA) in Shanghai China on April 19-21 and received a public response from Indonesia.

Assistant Deputy for Youth Partnerships and Awards Wisler Manalu expressed his gratitude to Ja'far who was able to make the nation proud in the world stage.

"What Ja'far has done is extraordinary, he succeeded in bringing Indonesia's name to the world innovation inventor competition in Shanghai China. Hopefully what Ja'far has done can inspire other young Indonesians to continue to innovate that can produced achievements for Indonesia, "he said as quoted from a written statement received by

Ja'far himself thanked the Kemenpora who had been supporting him to develop the results of the innovation.

While in China, the young man who was once the overall champion of the 2018 Santripreneur Award in the National Processed Food Processor Category presented an innovation entitled Use of Terasi as an Alternative Treatment for Skin Diseases for Humans and Animals.

"When I gave a presentation, many Chinese people came to me because they were interested in my findings in the form of Bio Far Skin Care. My discovery in the field of health that transformed from shrimp paste ingredients into skin medicine. With the consideration of international jury, I finally decided to win. and get a gold medal in this event, "Hasibuan said

"I hope that what I do can be an inspiration for other Indonesian youths. As a young man, don't give up easily, have to keep trying and work hard to make dreams come true. I am also happy with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports so that I can reach this achievement," he added.

In the near future, Ja'far plans to immediately take care of the patent rights for his invention. "As soon as I will make a patent for this item, and will continue to be a product that can later be marketed and cooperate with China," hoped Ja'far. (PN-001)


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